104 Pieces of Music to Help You Be Creative

I am often “dialed in”, as it was put in the movie, the Social Network. Headphones on, and disconnected from the outside world helps us concentrate. Your brain needs to be able to drown out, sound and distractions, when you need to focus on coming up with a creative solution.

I have been doing a lot of research on arrival of inspiration and creation. There is a lot that goes into it, and I am going to go into greater detail in an article I’m writing for Smashing Magazine.

However, one thing that I have found to be really helpful is listening to Italian Opera while I work on complex problems that require insight. It’s hard to get, that required focus while in an office or at your desk. Opera has a soothing ability, that allows your brain to turn in on its self and focus on, directing its own energy on creating. Also if you listen to Opera in a language you don’t understand, it can help to separate yourself from “consciously listening” to the music. This is helpful in eliminating distraction from the music its self.

Here is my Opera Playlist, enjoy!!!

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