Choosing the fastest wifi every single time

I travel a lot since I joined Automattic (it’s awesome by the way, and we’re hiring), and with traveling comes a lot of remembered wifi networks.  Today for example I am on the MBTA train heading north to speak at WordCamp Boston, and I have a few choices for wifi on my trip.

By the way MBTA the network name MBTA_WIFI_Car0776_Box-046 is just awesome. Spoiler alert your WIFI is so bad I’m glad you create such complicated SSID’s that my computer never knows what to connect to, cause it never remembers your crap names.  🙂

Ordering WIFI networks in order of speed!

See how in the image above how my Mac is able to tell me what network my phone is on (4G / 3G) and the battery strength?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we took it a step further and Apple was able to order the wifi networks in order of speed and show you mbps download speeds?

There’s no reason we can’t do this now.  They can either run tests when you’re connected, or before you connect to determine the network speed.  They can even compare this against old data and shared data from iCloud users.

Tim Cook, if you’re reading this, I don’t need anything in return for my awesome idea except for you to build it!  Thank you!


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