Did we overpopulate Black Friday?

What animal is as rare as the unicorn – assuming it actually existed? Let’s say the Forest Owlet, there are less than 250 of them left in existence.  Their rarity gives them amnesty and the ability to do whatever they want.  We fight to protect them and if you are aware of how endangered they are you’ll likely give them leave even if one dropped a gift from above on you – little as it might be.

Black Friday deals used to be rare, and awesome.  We used to look forward to them and were eager to take advantage of them.  Similar to seeing a rare animal in the wild we might get excited for that opportunity. 

Now let’s pretend that the Forest Owlet that we are now worried about leaving this earth forever; are in such abundance that we have forgotten about it’s rarity and would rather just do away with them all together. 

Welcome to 2018 Black Friday deals.  I took some time off of work and signed out of email, and came back to nearly 200 Black Friday deal emails. For the purposes of this blog post I’m going to pick on Moleskine. 

Nov 15th: Today Only! 25% Off

Today Only! That means I have to act or else I’ll miss out! 

Nov 17th: 25% Off Extended Just For You!

Some may rejoice as Moleskine was wrong and they are extending their sale, just for me! Yay! 

Nov 22nd: Why Wait for Tomorrow

Ok, maybe it wasn’t just for me.  

Nov 23rd: Take Note. 25% off any purchase.

Wait! I acted on the 25% off only for me sale that no one else was going to get! 

Nov 24th: Trending: 25% Off Any Purchase

Trending? How can it be trending? I didn’t tell anyone about it and you said it was just for me? What the hell is happening? 

Nov 25th: 25% Off Ends Tonight

It ends tonight? You mean no more 25% off sale, no more taunting me, no more emails? Finally

Nov 26th: Here’s the deal…

Wait another deal? Buy 1, Get 1 50% off? Wait so if I buy one book for $10 I get a second for $5.  So if I buy two books for $15 and they are both regularly priced at $20 that would be 75% the regular asking price.  Wait a minute this is just another 25% off sale! WHAT THE F*** MOLESKINE!!!! 

Black Friday has jumped the shark! 

Marketers all jumping on an idea and shouting at users is – for the user – like trying to find the turn signal on a fully lit Fire Engine.  It’s just a failure. Not having anything special, or leading your customers on is even worse.  We can do better. 

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