Facebook, you can’t fight it or kill it but you can hate it

Don’t lie, you might be on Facebook every waking minute but there are times when we all say “OMG IHY, LMA” which my students translate into “Oh my god, I hate you, leave me alone”. I have never really been that big of a fan of Facebook. I actually have nothing against Mark Z or his creation but sometimes the way “we” use it becomes a bit overwhelming.

My wife is a perfect example, because she uses Facebook as many of us do, as a way to connect with Friends and Family, sharing intimate details of our lives all documented with quotes, photos and videos. The problem is when we forget that not everyone we meet is a “friend”. We’ve all heard this before and we all know that our lives are open books that are on display at the local library that has a drive through which is on the way to work, etc…

Some part of me feels like dumping Facebook all together but the marketing/web guy in me knows how powerful of a tool it is. My dilema is whether to allow the world access to what my family and friends post about me or should I create two accounts one for close friends and family and another for the general public?

Now that I’m speaking and writing more I get more and more friend requests which I greatly appreciate and enjoy. However, while I’d love to hear about what you’re working on and connect professionally I’m not sure that I want to introduce you all to my son, home, and dogs…

What are your thoughts?

2 responses to “Facebook, you can’t fight it or kill it but you can hate it”

  1. I jumped off Facebook and got on my high horse about a year ago and began to shake my head at my partners heavy use.

    She has a good reason though as we’re a 17 hour flight from her family and it’s a way to bridge the gap that otherwise would require much more effort if it were left to phone calls.

    Now I’m on it several times a day as a provider of social media services to several of my clients.

    Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. (or at least that’s what I said about hi-5, myspace and geocities).

    • Yah I think it’s safe to say that Facebook has more “staying” power than hi-5 and myspace 🙂 I agree it’s def a great tool, I’m just not really a big fan of the way it’s being used. I decided to create a covert family account with a different name and hopefully everyone will find my public profile more easily.

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