Having Trouble Understanding Your Teams Wants and Needs?

One thing hear often, is that leaders are challenged with understanding the career goals of their individual team members. Its not always easy for individuals to speak up, and express what they want in life and their career.

As a leader you want to make sure you’re challenging your team not only with the work they are doing, but also, challenge them to improve their skills and build their expertise.

Try asking them two simple questions. You can either do this through a one on one, or via email. The goal here is not to confront your team, but rather provide them with an opportunity to answer intelligently and thoughtfully. So it may be best to send them home with these questions, and let them “stew” on it a bit.

Question 1

What are three things that you absolutely want from your ideal employer?

Question 2

What are three things that, if changed, would greatly improve your working environment, role, or daily activities?

These questions are asked in-a-way, that allow your team member to open up and speak freely. While also providing constructive answers that you can start applying right away.

Your Job

Your team needs to rely on you to provide a safe, fun and challenging working environment. This way you can leverage all of their skills and talents.

Remember, real talent + bordem = turn over.

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