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For the last 7 years my home office has been an advertisement for Ikea. Comprised of Expedit shelves and a desk plus a few Star Wars Posters. Today, I’d say it is far more professional, and I honestly couldn’t love it more.

Esperanto by Drexel desk built in 1964
I bet the thing you see first is the desk, right? It was built in November, 1964 and designed by Drexel, the name of the desk is an Esperanto. It was bequeathed to me by my Grandmother, Lillian Friedman. She died at 99 years old on December 5th, 2013.

Esperanto by Drexel desk built in 1964
I have gotten rid of the Star Wars posters, and put in it’s place a rare letterpress poster. It’s a work of art designed by Cameron Moll. It’s #30 of a run of 1500 and signed by the man himself. It also has an error, which I’ll leave to you to find.

The monitor is an ASUS VK278Q 27″ LED. It’s the most beautiful monitor I’ve ever worked on. It has a built in web cam, and PIP (remember picture in picture). The monitor is connected to a 13″ Apple Macbook Air, and controlled by an Apple made keyboard and magic mouse.

While not actually displayed in the photos my headphones Bose QC15‘s and the most amazing headphones I’ve ever used.

Esperanto by Drexel desk built in 1964
That’s right, inlaid leather. The desk itself belongs in a museum.

Esperanto by Drexel desk built in 1964
You didn’t think I’d actually give up the Star Wars memorabilia did you? I think Darth Vader makes a great addition, and he is welcome to chill out as long as he wants. Plus he “lights up the room” when I ever I need it.

I have a few extra spaces to work in my home office, so if anyone wants to drop in, you’re more than welcome.

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