How to escape a maze

Last weekend I finally read The Shining, and today I re-watched Stanley Kubrick’s movie of the same name.  I phrase it that way because I now realize how loosely the movie is actually based on the book.  Stephen King’s original is way better, worth the read, and will probably ruin the movie for you. 

Reading and watching The Shining made me think of a visit to a museum in the 4th grade that gifted me the knowledge of exactly how to escape any and every maze ever made. Not that Jack Torrance from The Shining was in the right mind to use such a tip, but if he had read this post it would have saved his life.  Speaking of which, any ax wielding psychos reading this post can bounce, I’d like to preserve my ability to lose you in a maze.

So, how do you escape a maze? 

Step 1. Choose a hand

Step 2. Put said hand on it’s corresponding wall (left hand on the left wall, or right hand on the right wall). 

Step 3. Walk forward keeping your hand on the wall no matter what. Follow all necessary turns and loop through any dead-ends. 

As long as you’re moving forward and you keep you hand on the wall you’ll eventually find your way out.  This method works no matter where you start it in the maze, but it may take a frustratingly long time to get out. Just stick with it, this method will make sure that you don’t get lost and you don’t go down the same path twice. 

I wish you luck, and let me know if this ever helps you escape a REREDRUM

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