I want to see your passion

I am currently looking to hire two people for my team at Astonish. I need a talented, motivated and creative designer, and I need a smart, forward thinking front end developer. I have a variety of ways to find and test individuals. However, the big question for me is, “are you passionate?”.

If I’m going to hire you to work on my team, I need to feel the passion oozing from your body. It has to be palpable, like extra pulp in your orange juice.

Passion for what you do, means you take it home with you, because in your mind there was no other option. Its the reason you have soap drawings on your shower wall. Why you have designated spotify playlists encouraging your inspiration. Why you’re up at 3 in the morning finishing a project.


Why is Passion so Important?

With passion you can make up for a lot of other faults or any lack of experience. Passion drives us to learn, to be committed to a project and stay focused. Passion is what fuels knowledge and the drive to improve. Without it you’re lost.

Interviewer: “What would you do, if you could no longer design websites?”

Interviewee: “I don’t know, that’s hard… I guess I’d spend all my time thinking about designing websites

Talent, experience, the right fit for the culture, these are all important factors. But if I have two candidates that have similar experience and job knowledge, I’m always going to choose the one who’s going to meetups, teaching on the side, speaking at events or finding some way to share what they love.

Side Note

If you know of any talented Web / Graphic Designers and or Front End Developers, please forward them my way. I will buy you a bottle of your favorite libation.

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  1. This is so good to know. I am at the stage where I have more passion than skill. But working quickly to change that. Glad to know that perhaps the one could possibly make up for the other.

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