It’s Official I’m Making a Change

Nearly 5 years ago I left BZ Results to join Neal Advertising.  While at Neal Advertising I built countless sites, pushed the WordPress envelope a bit and did a lot of other great work.  In 5 years I have made a lot of great friends at Neal Adv and have also learned a lot.

Neal Advertising is in Danvers, Ma and is about an 85 mile commute for me.  This distance created an opportunity for me to work from home and aside from clients meetings and the occasional visit to the office, I have worked out of my basement office for nearly half a decade.   I got to be really close with my family and my son (now 4 1/2) .  Instead of breaking for coffee I’d go upstairs and play legos with my son for a few minutes.  There are downfalls from working from home though, you are less apart of a team and you really don’t see people much.


Starting tomorrow I am moving out of my cave, getting some sunlight, driving about 5 miles down the road and starting a new job at Astonish Results.  At Astonish I will be the Director of Web Interfaces and Development.  I’ll have more to come on the work that I’m doing in the future.

I want to thank all my friends and teammates at Neal for making the past few years fly by.  It’s hard to move on from such a talented group but at the same time I’m really excited to start a new adventure.

Astonish Results is an amazing company that while still young has grown extremely quickly.   I am proud to be apart of this team and look forward to a very productive and exciting future.

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