One foot in front of the other

It’s taken a long time to realize this but it all starts with the first step. Whether it’s work, life, or health setting very tiny achievable goals will always lead to more challenging goals.

For example, in the past every time I would set out to lose weight I would get on a diet, buy a gym membership, new work out clothes too. Soon I had this exhaustive plan to get me to my goals.

In the end it never worked. I put too much emphasis on the plan and not on the results. Today is the 4th day in a row where I went on a two mile walk before or after lunch.

At the beach, the half way point

This is how I’m starting all over. I’m starting with a plan to just walk 10 miles a week (outside of normal steps). If I can go on 5, 2 mile walks a week I’ll reach my goal. After a month or so I’ll tweak the plan, make it more challenging and continue.


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  1. Good plan. I’ve got the same terrible habit: If I want to accomplish something, I’ll make a big plan, then sit back and revel in how glorious it is — but when the time comes for action, quickly get overwhelmed and quit.

    Sometimes you’ve got to force yourself to slow down in order to make progress. Best of luck!

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