Real-Time Site Personalization fix for Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis looks like an amazing game. The trailer is really impressive (check it out below), I watched the whole thing, and immediately decided to sign up.

When I arrived at it all seemed so simple. All I had to do was fill out this form, and I can start playing. In step 1 seen below it actually just seemed like the game was all online. It’s not till later that I realize downloading software is a requirement.

Step 1
Step 1

After choosing a username, and giving up a lot of personal information I move on to step 2, seen below. An email confirmation is required. Now switching to my email and then back again, I notice a very tiny button that says “download game”.

Step 2
Step 2

Ok, now I’ve confirmed my email, and I’m ready to start playing. Wait! I can’t play, because I use a Mac. Right? Or maybe there is a way to play with a Mac. Check out Step 3. It says “Recommended System Requirements”, does that mean the game plays better on a PC or that a PC is required?

Step 3
Step 3

Now I’m confused…

I head over to support, which is a joke, and there’s nothing there to help me.

Fine, I decide to accept that I can’t play this game because I don’t have a PC. So now I’m really excited about something that I can’t use, and I’ve wasted my time.

What could they have done better?

Well, other than creating a game that I actually get to play. You could tell me that I can’t play it, right up front. It is so easy to detect why kind of computer I am using. How about a simple message that says:

Currently we don’t support game play on a Mac computer. Feel free to sign up and we’ll notify you if this ever changes.

This is a perfect example of real-time site personalization that we can all start doing today. There is no excuse for poor experiences like this one. Fix it and keep your users happy.

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