Resistance Recruiting me is futile.

I’ve been getting a ton of recruitment emails lately.  This one stuck out to me and I couldn’t resist replying. 

“Aloha Jesse,

Haven’t heard from you after reaching out on several occasions… There can only be three possible scenarios:
1. You’re not interested 😩
2. You’ve been busy and my emails fell through the cracks
3. You are on a sandy Hawaiian beach 😊

I’d love to be a resource for you if you are pursuing new job opportunities or are interested in keeping in touch so I can be a resource for you in the future. All you need to do is choose one of the above numbers and hit reply so I can stop bugging you.

Have a great week!”

Working at Automattic has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. Matt Mullenweg and the leadership at Automattic have built an amazing culture with outstanding benefits, which I wouldn’t trade for anything.

We are hiring if you’re interested, and if you have any questions about the process give me a shout.

“My job is pretty amazing, and I love being busy with emails (#2). Not to mention I have some pretty great travel benefits which takes me all over the world so #3 applies as well.  So yes, you’re right #1 is in fact true, I’m not interested.  Thanks.”

I haven’t actually made it to Hawaii yet, but I’ve been to London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Whistler, Paris, and a ton of great cities in the U.S. Thanks Automattic! 

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