could learn something from their own app

I find it amazing that the experience I have on the website is so much worse than their app. Even watching their Weather Channel station on the tv is so much better than the website. There is 1 thing that is hurting the entire design, layout, content architecture and overall experience of It’s that they are forcing content I’m not interested in, in my face. Fix that one problem and you will have a website you can start to feel proud of.

weatherchannelwebsite2 weatherchannelwebsite3 weatherchannelwebsite1 App

weather-app-1 weather-app-2 weather-app-3 weather-app-4

Weather Channel (tv)

The App has ads, has additional features, and content that I’m not really that interested in. However, the most important things are there, and it is a very simple and clean experience.

Instead of commenting on this post, come chat with me on Twitter. can learn a thing or 2 about crafting better experiences from their own @weatherchannel app.

— Jesse Friedman (@professor) February 3, 2015

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