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  • The smallest actions performed frequently and consistently can eventually move mountains.

    The smallest actions performed frequently and consistently can eventually move mountains.

    In browsing Reddit I found this awesome drawing done with a simple Micron pen by Camtron Art. Zoomed in – seen above – it looks like a few simple lines, and dots. Nothing extraordinary, nothing that seems to require a great deal of talent. This is not too different than the habits or small tasks […]

  • Automattic is hiring Happiness Engineers

    I’ve been around and I can tell you that Automattic is the best company I’ve ever worked for. The culture is built on values of understanding, support of one another, and of course the pursuit of democratizing publishing. All Automatticians (our name for ourselves) are quite unique and talented individuals, making up a distributed workforce […]

  • Innovating is not unlike this magnificent whale’s eating habits.

    The Humpback Whale – seen above – will take in as much as 20,000 liters to get her dinner, which is comprised of tons of very little creatures. Innovating is not unlike this magnificent whale’s eating habits. You have to take in a ton of data, learn a great deal about your products and customers, […]

  • Lowe’s missed the tiniest little detail on their website forcing me to use Home Depot

    Lowe’s and Home Depot spend so much time watching each other. Their prices are nearly identical, as would make sense in a highly competitive commoditized industry. So the differences in the Lowe’s and Home Depot product is often the experience. I actually prefer Lowe’s. I like the personal, diy’er feel. Home Depot feels more geared […]

  • Expert Advice: How Small Business Owners can Run a great website – Webinar

    I’m proud to say my colleagues at Automattic – the parent company of, Jetpack, and Woo – are offering a free webinar to help small businesses with their online presence. This free webinar is specially designed for small businesses, freelancers, and would-be entrepreneurs, with lots of actionable tips anyone — regardless of what platform they’re site […]

  • Meet Jesse Friedman

    Meet Jesse Friedman is the official website of Jesse Friedman, inventor, innovator, author, speaker, and writer. This website is dedicated to you, the self-starter, who appreciates imaginative ideas and advice on how to run your business, your blog, and your e-commerce store. A long time innovator and currently the Director of Innovation of Jetpack Business for Automattic, Jesse is the author of Web […]

  • My corner office and a few other sweet perks – thanks Automattic

    At Automattic – where I work – I have a pretty sweet office. And believe it or not, on beautiful afternoons I’m even able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and enjoy some time outside. Let me show you around, and while I do, you can let me know if you are lucky enough […]

  • Did we overpopulate Black Friday?

    What animal is as rare as the unicorn – assuming it actually existed? Let’s say the Forest Owlet, there are less than 250 of them left in existence.  Their rarity gives them amnesty and the ability to do whatever they want.  We fight to protect them and if you are aware of how endangered they […]

  • A feature upgrade!

    This classic served me well for quite sometime. I felt free to ride the open road and felt safe in driver’s seat. It was great at it’s job, but as time passes so do our expectations. I wanted more.  I planned to upgrade on November 19th but I couldn’t hold back my excitement.  I saw […]

  • How to escape a maze

    Last weekend I finally read The Shining, and today I re-watched Stanley Kubrick’s movie of the same name.  I phrase it that way because I now realize how loosely the movie is actually based on the book.  Stephen King’s original is way better, worth the read, and will probably ruin the movie for you.  Reading and watching […]