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  • The smallest actions performed frequently and consistently can eventually move mountains.

    The smallest actions performed frequently and consistently can eventually move mountains.

    In browsing Reddit I found this awesome drawing done with a simple Micron pen by Camtron Art. Zoomed in – seen above – it looks like a few simple lines, and dots. Nothing extraordinary, nothing that seems to require a great deal of talent. This is not too different than the habits or small tasks […]

  • Choosing the fastest wifi every single time

    I travel a lot since I joined Automattic (it’s awesome by the way, and we’re hiring), and with traveling comes a lot of remembered wifi networks.  Today for example I am on the MBTA train heading north to speak at WordCamp Boston, and I have a few choices for wifi on my trip. By the way MBTA […]

  • Let’s bring Netflix to our local theaters.

    I love going to the movies! I don’t even have a problem going on my own. I’m just getting frustrated paying outrageous movie theater ticket prices, but I have an idea! Why are tickets so expensive? There is a lot that goes into why movie tickets are so much money. If you’re interested in a […]

  • Be quiet Google Maps! Until I need you.

    At the beginning of every road trip for the last ten years I have taken the same 5 mile / 15 min trip from my house to the highway.  I don’t like to fumble with my phone while I’m driving or during a trip, which means I’m pulling up Google Maps in my driveway. This […]

  • IKEA, WIFI and In Real Life Personalization

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to test the strength of my marriage by visiting Ikea for the 5th time in the last year. In actuality my wife, son and I had a good time and there were no epic debates over couch choices. I did however notice a rather novel decision on behalf of Ikea. […]

  • A Better Individual Experience

    I gave a talk at WordCamp Boston 2015 on providing a better overall experience for users by starting from the ground up.

  • “My content is so good I don’t need an unsubscribe button”

    Today at Starbucks I had an interesting conversation with a guy who says he “works in marketing”. Guy: “Hey, you look smart. Do you know anything about MailChimp?” Me: “Yeah a bit…” Guy: “Do you know how to remove the unsubscribe button from the bottom of an email?” Me: “Why would you want to?” Guy: […]

  • Confusion doesn’t lead to conversion

    In the scenario below Genmega isn’t worried about conversion, they already have my fees. But they should be worried about my security. Your interface should always have clear understandable calls-to-action. calls-to-actions should always set explicit expectations. — Jesse Friedman (@professor) June 16, 2015

  • Your horrible website might not be all that bad

    There’s something about restaurant websites that get under my skin. It’s mostly because there are so many mediocre tools out there that help restaurant owners bloat their websites and make them terrible to use. This is the website for Han Palace, a Chinese restaurant down the street from me. You might be tempted to make […]

  • When Google takes your visitors

    I hope at this point it’s abundantly clear Google doesn’t care about increasing your site traffic. They care about answering a query, and doing it as accurately and as fast as possible. I remember back when Google started indexing interior pages, and users began experiencing your site without ever seeing your homepage. Then indexed pages […]