Jesse Friedman standing outside the Lego Offices in Billund, Denmark

Jesse Friedman, inventor of Muryō, the Real-Time Personalized Insurance Marketing Center (patent pending), and other fine tools.

Jesse Friedman – Inventor of Muryō

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Muryō combines a physical notebook insert with a method for cataloging your notes, drawings, and journal entries, all while tracking your mood, habits, sleep, and goals.

Muryō was invented – by me – as a way to solve the need I had to combine the benefits of writing in a physical notebook with the access of a digital app. I wanted to be able to write freely about life, work, side hustles, all in my favorite notebooks without losing a single thing. is going live in 2020, if you’re interested in learning more fill out the form below and you’ll be one of the first to gain access to

“Our need will be the real creator.” – Plato

Real-time Personalized Marketing Center

As the Director of Web Development at Astonish – an Insurance Agency marketing and production house – I was tasked with migrating thousands of websites from a closed source .NET based CMS to WordPress. Once that was done we worked on improving the Insurance Agency inbound marketing volume.

I wanted to do more than just increase leads, I wanted to bring qualified leads that also expressed their cross-policy interests with the agency.

Desktop and Mobile screenshots of theReal-Time Personalized  Insurance Marketing Center invented by Jesse Friedman

Jesse Friedman, Inventor of the Real-Time Personalized Marketing Center

What I and the team built was a real-time inbound personalization engine. The first iteration was simply a web form that would later display the agencies locations in order from closest to furthest from the visitors location.

Further iterations lead to us tracking the users interest in different insurance policies by building individual policy pages and watching how much time the visitor spent on those pages. You so nearly every insurance customer needs car insurance, plus home owners or renters insurance, many also need boat, rv, motorcyle or life insurance as well.

When we were done we’d also used geographic location to make recommendations on additional policy types. For example if you were in California you were much more likely to need earthquake insurance than someone living in Maine. On the other hand if you lived on the Great Lakes you had a higher chance of needed boat or personal watercraft insurance.

This real-time personalized marketing center had remarkable results and we even filed a patent to protect this IP. I bet most people didn’t know because it was totally ripped off at CXL a marketing and web conference.