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  • Are You Time Poor?

    Being busy isn’t what matters. It’s how you work, not how much. Are you efficient? Do you follow the old adage of “working smarter not harder”? There is no intrinsic value to working harder or for longer periods of time. We all know that poor sap that has to be the first person in the […]

  • Having Trouble Understanding Your Teams Wants and Needs?

    One thing hear often, is that leaders are challenged with understanding the career goals of their individual team members. Its not always easy for individuals to speak up, and express what they want in life and their career. As a leader you want to make sure you’re challenging your team not only with the work […]

  • Starbucks at Barnes and Noble: A Missed Opportunity

    Today, my good friend and colleague, Jeff Golenski, decided to have lunch with me at Barnes and Noble. We bought our teas from the Starbucks cafe in the bookstore and decided to “brown bag-it” for a healthier and cheaper lunch. About 3 seconds into unpacking my sandwich, I was approached by a woman (I can […]