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  • Is OPEN Just another SOPA or PIPA?

    SOPA and PIPA in a strange way made us all apart of history. Most likely if you’re reading this you were probably one of the 13 million people who openly opposed SOPA and PIPA. We were apart of the worlds largest protest and I’m proud to say that I did my part. I wrote several […]

  • Google Maps GPX Plugin and Foursquare

    Last year I wrote a little script to pull my last Foursquare checkin on a Google Map. In fact you can still see that in my footer. Today I decided to play with a neat little plugin called Google Maps GPX which allows you to create Google Maps on the fly with WordPress shortcodes and […]

  • Adobe Creative Suite Subscription Model

    I have a friend at Adobe and he and I discussed the need for a subscription model years ago.  When he told me it was coming I was so excited not for me necessarily but for my students.  This is a huge leap in a positive direction for any new designer or developer. At JWU […]

  • How to Make Mad Lib Contact Forms in WordPress

    I love Mad Libs, they are so much fun.  I remember as kids we’d worry about getting into trouble because we’d always fill the blanks with colorful expletives.   There’s something fun about “filling in the blank” whether it be Mad Libs or a game or in this case a form. I decided to put a […]

  • 5 Bad Day Cure-alls

    Having a Bad Day, huh? It’s likely that your current woes were caused by an outside source. This could be a boss disappointed in your work (regardless if it’s justified or not), a spouse upset with your lack of attention or countless other things. The first thing to do is take a deep breathe. I […]

  • 5 Things a Web Pro Considers Before Reserving a Hotel Room

    I’d probably live in this hotel if I could FREE Wifi Free in room wifi is a must but it has to be at least half way decent in speed and reliability (by our standards) to keep us happy. Right now I’m seeing 1.02 Mbps download and 1.23 Mbps upload, which is not going to […]