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  • Non User Initiated Downloads

    Non User Initiated Downloads is a term coined by me, Jesse Friedman. It refers to content of a relatively large file size, being unknowingly downloaded by someone on a device, that doesn’t necessarily support unlimited data downloading. A simple example would be, someone on a mobile phone (who is not paying for or has access […]

  • A Call to Change WordPress Widgets

    I’m calling on the WordPress community including the core to do what they do best, create elegant solutions to rather complicated problems. You all know my fondness for WordPress but not even I think it’s perfect. That’s right, I said it, there are some areas that need improvement. That being sad I’m not gonna sit […]

  • How to Make Mad Lib Contact Forms in WordPress

    I love Mad Libs, they are so much fun.  I remember as kids we’d worry about getting into trouble because we’d always fill the blanks with colorful expletives.   There’s something fun about “filling in the blank” whether it be Mad Libs or a game or in this case a form. I decided to put a […]